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Millions in the UK are reportedly set to be offered a third Pfizer “booster jab” ahead of winter as research suggests it will offer people greater protection against the Delta variant.

The scheme is set to start in September. It would seem some 23million over-50s, people classified as vulnerable and NHS workers and care staff offered a third Pfizer jab even if they had an alternative vaccine before.

Originally it was thought that those who were offered a third jab would be given the same vaccine they originally had – but now it is thought everyone will be offered Pfizer. This is because scientists have found this is the most effective against the Delta variant.

A source told the Times those who had the AstraZeneca vaccine would “be getting an “mRNA booster” – which means Pfizer or Moderna jabs.


Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA jabs as it tells human cells to produce proteins from the virus which allows the body to create an immune response. This means those who had an mRNA jab have protection without being exposed to the virus.

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