SINGAPORE – Two children at a PAP Community Foundation Sparkletots pre-school in Bedok North have tested positive for Covid-19, the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) said on Saturday (July 31).

In a circular to parents seen by The Straits Times, ECDA said the two children, who are siblings, were last present at the facility in Block 115 on Tuesday.

Contact tracing by the Ministry of Health (MOH) is ongoing, and staff and children identified to be close contacts will be placed under quarantine.

As a precautionary measure, staff and children who were in the classes that the children attended that day will be issued a Leave of Absence (LOA) from Saturday to Aug 10.

This covers the 14-day incubation period from the children’s last day at the centre, said ECDA.

The pre-school was closed and underwent thorough cleaning and disinfection on Friday and Saturday.

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