The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has flagged false claims made on a website touting a purported power-saving device about electricity consumption here, and urged consumers to consider other ways to save on their power bills.

Advertisements for the device, called Voltex, claim that it helps users shave up to 90 per cent off their electricity bills, and have been making the rounds online recently.

The product looks like a plug that is inserted into a power socket and is being sold for $74 each, which its website claims is a 50 per cent discount.

An advertorial on the site says that “most Singaporeans are overpaying for electricity by a whopping $27.6 billion dollars per year”, citing an unnamed study.

It goes on to suggest that the “Public Utility Commission” has not done anything to address this.

EMA told The Straits Times last week that these claims are false.

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