A growing rape allegation controversy centering on one of China’s biggest stars has dominated headlines in recent weeks – but also renewed conversations on sexual consent.

The fallout surrounding Chinese-Canadian actor and singer Kris Wu has been fast and furious.

After he was accused of rape by an alleged victim earlier this month, at least 24 more women have come forward alleging inappropriate behaviour.

More than a dozen firms – including global brands Louis Vuitton and Porsche – have severed ties with Wu and there are numerous calls for him to quit entertainment and leave China. The 30-year-old has denied all allegations.

The scandal rocked social media, as netizens devoured every twist and turn. But the case has become more than just tabloid fodder.

Support online for the women involved – especially for the main accuser, 19-year-old college student Du Meizhu – has been overwhelming.

This, say women’s rights activists, is an encouraging sign that awareness of sexual consent is growing, in a country where female survivors are often victim-blamed.

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