Shriever said the funding cut was “such a shock and just so out of the blue.” Former women BMX riders had done the country proud — winning just as many World Champions as the United States in the same 11-year time period, according to BBC Sport. BMX, or “bicycle motocross,” was added to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Riders compete on a dirt race course made of various jumps and hills.

However, no British rider had ever won an Olympic BMX medal. So, funding was cut — but Shriever saw other options.

British Cycling, the main national governing body for cycle sports in Great Britain, created a financial support package for women riders.

Still, that wasn’t enough. “It’s finding money for the travel and races that’s difficult and it’s been a little bit stressful,” Shriever told BBC Sport. She relied on her parents at times and even became a part-time teaching assistant for two- and three-year-olds.

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