Twelve holiday hotspots have been tipped for the green travel list at an update later this week.


Analysis of vaccination and coronavirus rates by The PC Agency, a travel consultancy, has concluded that a dozen more countries are in contention for positive reclassification.

It is thought that Germany, Poland, Canada, Austria and Romania could be turned fully green at a government update in several days time.

PC Agency has also predicted that Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia will make the grade.

If they do, then it will be a major boost for families looking for a late summer holiday bargain.

Under changes brought in last month double vaccinated Brits can skip a period of isolation after returning from amber list countries.

However, even the completely non-jabbed can avoid quarantine on their return to the UK from a green list nation, meaning travel routes are significantly eased for young, unvaccinated people.

Travel to Canada would become much easier if the predictions are accurate
Travel to Canada would become much easier if the predictions are accurate ( Image: Getty Images)
Experts say a further five areas currently on the amber list – Bhutan, French Polynesia, North Macedonia, Norway and Saudi Arabia – have low enough case rates to join the ‘green watch list’.

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